Losing the War on Pest Control in Your Home? Here are Some Ideas to Help you Win

Pests are and have been a nuisance in the home for eons. Not only are they an annoyance, but they can also cause serious health problems if left unchecked. A long-standing pest infestation can have a negative impact on your pocket as you have to hire a professional pest control company to root out the problem for you. Pest control is a constant process that you keep attending to in order to avoid any infestation. Here's how to start winning.

•    Regularly Clean Your Pets

You may have worked hard to keep your house clean, but if your pets aren't also kept clean on a regular basis, they become a Trojan horse for pests. Work out a method that best suits you and your family when it comes to pet cleaning. Alternatively, you can use pet groomers to do it at a fee if it's too laborious for you.

•    Store Food Properly

Pests are attracted by food and love to congregate in areas where there is exposed food. As a rule, store any food in sealed containers. If possible, use the fridge as your primary food storage area since it is hard for pests to access tightly shut places. If you have a pantry ensure that it is also secured well to ward off any pests. Transfer any food wrapped in cardboard, plastic or paper into containers as rodents can chew through soft materials.

•    Keep the Floor Clean

Food crumbs attract pests, and this is especially the case in eating areas where food frequently drops to the floor. Ensure that you sweep the floors thoroughly to eliminate any crumbs that might become bait for pests.

•    Seal Any Cracks

Some pests such as rodents and ants find their way into your house through cracks in the walls, doors or windows. Schedule regular inspections to identify any cracks so that you can seal them and eliminate a pathway for them. 

•    Clean Under Any Furniture

A good number of people know to dust their seat, tables, cabinets, etc. frequently but seem to forget to clean under the furniture as well. Dust builds up quickly and becomes a breeding ground for mites, silverfish, etc. While you may not be able to clean under the furniture on a daily basis, ensure that you do so at least once a week.


Pest control should not be an afterthought; a pest infestation should, in fact, be anticipated.  Different approaches facilitate the elimination of any hospitable environment for pests to get rid of them and prevent any from inhabiting your home. Most importantly, engage a professional early enough if you suspect a major infestation