Will A House and Land Package Be the Right Real Estate Investment for You?

Real estate remains one of the most diverse investments that one can undertake since it offers a variety of options to choose from depending on one's needs and budget. In recent years, though, there has been an increased interest in house and land packages, as they are great for anyone looking for a residential property whether to start a family, to lease out or even to live on their own.

What sets house and land packages apart from other real estate opportunities is that this option allows acquiring both the lot and residential property at the same time. But why should you choose this option rather than shopping around for a spate lot on your own? Below are a few of the reasons why a house and land package may just be the right real investment for you.

House and land packages offer a stress-free home build

Embarking on a custom home build project is not for the faint of heart. This project is not only cash-intensive, but it will also take up a considerable amount of your time and this can put a strain on you. If you are not ready to take on this burden fully, you should consider opting for a house and land package. There are several ways that this option will prove hassle-free for you.

To begin with, you are not responsible for locating the best lot for this project. Instead, you simply need to peruse through the options that your real estate agent will provide and determine which block is most appealing to your needs. Secondly, you do not have to agonise over which architectural style will suit the lot since the blocks available will already come with a finished design for the new home build that is complete with amenities.

House and land packages provide you with a couple of options

The second thing that you should know about house and land packages is that there are two main options available. The first investment that you can consider is the turnkey package. This package provides you with a finished new home build on the lot that you choose. Thus, all you would need to do is get the key, open the door and move in. The second investment that you can choose is the home and land package.

Unlike the turnkey option that comes with a newly constructed house, the home and land package presents you with the opportunity to invest in an empty lot and the construction process can begin with an already approved house design and builders. While turnkey packages are highly convenient, they can cost more than their home and land package counterparts do. Nonetheless, home and land packages will take longer before you move in so the final decision is at your discretion. To learn more about house and land packages, contact a real estate service.