Rain on Your Moving Day? Tips to Prevent Water Damage

From the moment you actually lock in a date for your moving day, you're probably going to be paying more attention to the weather forecast than usual. As the day approaches, you might begin to fret if a torrential downpour looks like it might be a possibility, causing you to understandably postpone things. It might not be a clear case of sunshine or rain on your moving day, and it could very easily be something in between. If there's a chance of light rain on the day that you need to move house, there are a few things you'll need to ensure that your possessions and the premises that contain them stay in the best shape possible.

Cover it Up

It's rather likely that your removalists will keep a few tarpaulins in their moving truck for this very eventuality. If you need to use them, you will probably give your upholstery and soft furnishings preferential treatment when it comes to being covered. There might not be enough tarpaulins to go around, and even if there were, they're not necessarily an appropriate cover for each and every item you'll be moving.

The Backup

The day before you move, make a stop at the supermarket or hardware shop. Pick up a roll of heavy duty rubbish bags designed for garden waste (for extra strength). These can be put into service and used as rain covers on smaller items or when there aren't enough tarpaulins. Boxes can even be entirely wrapped in one of these bags, effectively waterproofing them. It's an incredibly simple solution—provided you've remembered to get the bags.

The Floors

What about the state of the property you're vacating and the one you're moving into? If the weather unexpectedly takes a turn for the worst, your doormats will probably do what they're supposed to and remove a large proportion of the dirt from your shoes. However, it's not always possible for you and the removalists to wipe your feet when struggling under the weight of heavy furniture. Flatten some cardboard boxes and lay them out throughout the properties. They protect the flooring from being affected by major damage, as well as providing valuable traction to prevent accidents.

Beware of Damp

Despite your best efforts, some of your items might still become a little damp during the moving process. This means you'll need to make another trip to the supermarket or hardware shop. Get a disposable moisture absorber, which resembles a small plastic container filled with granules (which do the actual absorption). Place it next to the damp item (you might need several moisture absorbers to achieve this) to prevent mildew from setting it.

Hopefully the sun will be bright and warm on the day you move house, but if it's not, it's important to make sure you have the necessary supplies on hand.